Merry Christmas 2014

I am a bit behind on my posts recently as December was a very busy month for us. We finally moved out of my mums out and into our very own home. This was a big change for both me and Molly so I will explain more about this later. We also took a trip away, celebrated Christmas and Molly turned two. In between party planning, wrapping presents, unpacking boxes, and working, I found little time to sit down and write. But I am hoping to dedicate more time to my blog this year as routine slowly starts to return to normal.

So I thought I would start this year by showing you how we spent our Christmas. I was so thankful to be (pretty much) all moved into our new place and ready for the festivities. I was slightly upset that we didn’t have more time to do Christmas crafts and activities but as I was hosting Christmas Day this year, I really needed the house ready.

Last year Molly was far too young to understand the concept of Christmas but this year I felt she was starting to understand the magic. She knew who Father Christmas was and pointed to herself and told me she was a ‘good girl’. Luckily she went to bed in good time Christmas Eve which left me Santa plenty of time to lay all of the presents out. I had my alarm set early for Christmas morning thinking she would be up at the crack of dawn as usual, just so I could come down and turn the Christmas tree lights on and try and make the place look a little more magical, but to my surprise she had a lie in! I wish I had known as that would have been a wonderful gift to me!

Coming down the stairs I told her that Father Christmas had been and she peered her head forward to look around the door as we entered the living room. The lights were flashing and the presents were all spread out across the room. Her little face lit up and the excitement began.

She started opening her gifts and everything had to come out the box and be set up straight away. This took me some time and is a sure lesson to next year to check what needs setting up before it is wrapped. I also completely underestimated the amount of batteries I would need and many television remotes ended up battery-less by the end of the day.

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All of my family came over for lunch, which my mum and I had prepared. I was pretty nervous about cooking for 11 people but thankfully all went well. After dinner we took to more present opening (oh it’s a tough life!) and playing with our new treasures. Molly was not the only one to be spoilt and I was given some lovely items from my family.

I somehow managed to clean and pack away all the dishes and even hoover that day so I was pretty impressed, even if I do say so myself! We then had a calm evening together, just me and Molly, before an early night from all of the exhaustion.




This Christmas was probably one of my favourite of all time. We laughed together as a family and really made a memorable day without even trying. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

A very late… Merry Christmas to you all!