2 Years Beautiful

Wow! My little princess is two years old! Well how did that happen?!!!

Only six months ago I wrote about how you were 18 Months Beautiful.


Dearest Molly you have grown up so much recently, my little baby girl has gone and now I have the most wonderful toddler. In the last month you have blossomed more than ever. You have started to find your personality and it is shining through. You are a little chatter box and are now saying sentences and putting everything in context. You are copying everything I say so I am really having to choose my words very carefully!

You even look more grown up too. You have gotten taller and your general appearance has lost its baby features and your beauty is stronger than ever. And finally you are starting to grow some hair!!!! This makes Mummy very happy as I have been waiting two years to put little accessories in it!!

You love to play with my hair although sometimes get a bit heavy handed and just yank it, but you are gutting more gentle! You stroke it to fall asleep and play with it as much as you can. You are not much of a Mummy cuddler though so I really treasure the moments when you come over for a snuggle. Most of the time when I try and cuddle up to you on the couch you push me away or I get a kick!! You most definitely get this ‘personal bubble’ thing from Mummy. But you do love to be around me – most of the time it is lovely but sometimes it can be little tough, especially when I just want to shower or pee in peace!!! It doesn’t really happen but I couldn’t imagine life without you. Most of the time I feel like a duck with a little duckling following my every move!! But I treasure these moments as I know they will not last forever.



Each day you are already becoming more independent and wanting to do more and more for yourself. From eating and drinking to choosing your clothes, what you play, what to watch, and where to go. You certainly have a very strong mind and seem to know it well. You take my hand and lead me to what you are after and most of the time get your own way with it!


We have just moved house so its been a bit of a stressful time for you and many big changes. I think you miss living with Nanny but you get to go and spend three days a week with her whilst Mummy goes to work. Mummy leaving you for this time is slowly becoming more bearable for the both of us but Monday morning is still quite difficult. You start nursery in a couple months so hopefully things will be a little easier once you are off having fun and making friends in a different setting (becoming even more independent – sob!).

Because of the house move you have been a little unsettled at night so have spent a lot of time in my bed to get some sleep but I am afraid Mummy is going to have to crack down on this soon – You wriggle so much and I tend to get hit a lot! I am getting so tired that soon you will have to go back to sleeping in your cot properly. You still have to take blankey to bed with you, and in fact right now it has to come everywhere with you, along with Peppa and Teddy – Mummy sometimes feels like a donkey with the amount you insist on me carrying from room to room! I think from all the changes it makes you feel a little more secure to have your close belongings with you so I will continue to carry the clan for as long as you need me too.


I think we may have another growth spurt on the way as many of your t-shirts won’t fit over your head and you are forever growing out of your shoes as soon as I buy a new pair – I think its down to the amount you eat – you just don’t stop! Your favourite food by far is pizza!! Another trait from your mother there! The amount of pizza you can gobble in one sitting is shocking! You also love oranges, grapes, yoghurts, and yorkshire puddings! You still have your bottles but I am not in any rush right now to make you give them up, maybe towards the Summer we will consider it. You drink enough along side them so overall you are definitely getting all that you need – probably a little too much chocolate though!


You are such a happy bee. You enjoy playing independently with your play dough, mega blocks, Peppa toys, or barbies. You have just got into Frozen and are obsessed with the Let It Go song, which we sing on repeat! Your favourite toy is your bubble machine – you go crazy for it!!! I love to watch you play and witness your imagination unveil. Every now and then you are slipping into the terrible twos and giving Mummy a hard time but I keep telling myself that its just a phase and won’t last forever.


Mummy is forever proud of you and my love for you still manages to grow stronger. I am shocked at how fast these last two years have gone by and I hope to make even more wonderful memories with you this year. It makes me want to cry that in just twelve months you will be three and even more grown up. So I will make the most of every moment I get with you and will always be by your side.


My dearest Molly, two years beautiful xXx