It’s Scary

So I have a bit of a problem and I’m not entirely sure how to act on it – help please!

It feels like we have gone back in time and Molly is spending every night sleeping in my bed again.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when she wouldn’t settle at night in her cot. Napping she was fine with but during the night she would wake and only return to sleep if she was with me. I put this down to the fact that we had just moved house and her room was so new to her. For a few days it got better and she slept all night long in her own room. But then things got much worse.

One night I put her to bed as normal as went down stairs to tidy up. I have a video monitor so I can watch her and I could see that she had drifted off to the land of nod instantly. Within seconds I heard her screaming – and not a ‘I don’t want to sleep yet’ type of cry or any others that I would have recognised, this cry was completely new and scared me. I ran upstairs as fast as I could and as I entered her bedroom I found her being sick everywhere! She was petrified and absolutely shaking. The vomit kept on coming until some long Mummy hugs later. When I had the chance to ask her what was wrong she told me ‘it’s scary’ and ‘where did it go?’. This then scared me.

I do believe in spirits so am completely open to the idea that she could have seen someone in her room which obviously would have frightened her, or maybe she did just dream something scary, I guess we will never know. But now I don’t know how to get her to go back to sleep in her room and make her feel okay about it. I don’t want to ever see her that upset again and right now see seems to only be comfortable when with me. It is at the point now where she will only nap on the sofa in the same room as me and will stay awake until 11pm so she can be sure to get in my bed.

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I have always used this sleep technique which I absolutely swear by!!! But I don’t think it’s the right technique to use in this particular case. I have bought her a night light so she can see around her if she does wake in the night, but I can only put this to the test if I can get her in the room in the first place! I am also trying to spend more time in her bedroom in the day time to show that it is not scary but she won’t play for that long in there before carrying her toys into my bedroom. I don’t want to put her to bed crying because she is frightened – that will only make me go to bed crying!

Sometimes it is lovely to have her in my bed and cuddle up but she is such a wriggler I am afraid she might fall out the bed (even with a bed guard), or I get kicked so I am not getting enough sleep which I know is making me grumpy. Her mood is no better as you can imagine when most days she is fighting naps and not getting enough hours at night. We both need to get back to normal and get some proper rest!

But I am out of ideas! I would love to hear your advice or how you handled any similar situations.