Rocking This Alone

On Molly’s second birthday I had some news which I found quite difficult – Her Dad told me he was going travelling for a month and he planned to leave in ten days. I didn’t understand how he could just up and leave her for so long, with such short notice and be okay with not seeing her for such a long time. Especially making the decision on that day – I took it personally in a way, I found it almost offensive – but the decision is his and he is the one missing out on time with his beautiful daughter. I know a month is not that long, but with her being so young and learning so much every day, I couldn’t really understand his train of thought.

But on the bright side, I get extra time with her. He left about a week and a half ago and so its been completely Molly and Mummy time since then, apart from the time when I am at work. Being honest, I was a little worried as to how I was going to get all my work and chores done at first but I have loved having her all to myself. There were a few times where I found it difficult to do a few things and balance my day with fun and work with no help but overall we have had a very successful time.


Due to the weather being so cold we haven’t managed to get out and about much, so we have made our own fun being indoors. I am not very good at playing with the Peppa toys etc for long periods of time, but I do love just being silly with her and doing our own thing.







I love being able to make her laugh randomly and creating our own special games together.

On Saturday we went to a Frozen sing-a-long show. I didn’t really know what this meant but it turns out you just watch the film and sing to the songs! I thought there would be more too it and I am not sure I would have spent £16 on tickets when I have the DVD at home anyway! Molly actually fell asleep half way through the movie which was disappointing as I was hoping to have some fun with her away from home for the afternoon. The best part of the whole day though was when they did a costume parade. The theatre was split into sections and one group at a time, the dressed up children got onto stage and showed off their outfits. I thought Molly would be scared but off she went straight away and stood there in front of the whole auditorium without a care in the world. I know I would have petrified to stand on that stage so I am very proud of her to show such confidence and actually enjoy herself. She even showed off her dance moves at one point! When she came back to her seat, she asked to get back on the stage! I am now thinking that maybe I should look into theatre clubs for children so she can join in with the stage some more.

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We have spent our evenings singing and dancing to Let It Go in the bath, reading stories, and snuggling on the sofa.

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I cannot believe their was a part of me that was worried about having no time to myself. It actually makes me feel guilty that I even thought that for a second. D and I will always have a different view on parenting for Molly, but I know that I get to spend as much time with her as I possibly can and that makes me happy, and hopefully it does her too! I am now dreading having to give her up for her to go and spend time with him again! I really feel like I have got to have some quality time with her and I don’t want to give that up – I will so she can see her Father but I am going to be sad to have my time with her reduced again. Right now I really feel like I am a true single Mum but I am enjoying every second of it – Rocking this alone!