Soup de Jour – Proper Soup – Beetroot Soup Recipe

The Health Benefits of Soup – The Soupe du Jour Way


The health benefits of soup have long since been celebrated – and it’s little wonder! In a world where our food options are dominated by white bread, snack foods, sugary drinks and high-fat instant foods, soup is a shining light on the horizon. Packed with natural ingredients, plenty of nutrients and with a relatively low calorie count, soup is certainly the order of the day for all those looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle – especially if it’s both gluten and dairy-free, like the Soupe du Jour offerings!

Let’s get down to the facts: research has repeatedly found that when diners eat low-calorie, vegetable-based soups as a starter before their main meal, they consume on average 20% less calories in their main meal. Soup is deceptively filling – it helps to make us feel full so we eat less. But unlike many other foods that imitate this feeling (like many forms of fast food), soups aren’t a nutritionally void minefield.

Some more science for you: the nutrients that are most commonly found in vegetables are often water-soluble. Vitamins B, C and K, combined with the fluid nature of many soups, help to ensure that we absorb plenty of the nutrients into our bodies, as well as regulating the digestive tract and increasing our fibre intake. Pretty impressive!

Here’s our last impressive soup fact: the fluid retention element of eating soup can not only keep us healthy, it can also contribute to weight loss. Soups that contain onions, leeks and celery are likely to be high in potassium (also known as vitamin K), which helps rid the body of excess fluid. So forget the fizzy drinks that make you feel bloated – turn to soup for a meal that could help you to feel lighter and leaner!

Of course, in order to get the very best from soup, you should be eating homemade varieties, like the ones made at Soupe du Jour. With natural, organic ingredients and meat which is sourced in as ethical a way as possible, the health benefits of soup are even more apparent. For example, their tomato soup is vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and wheat-free – which means the only things left are an incredible array of nutrients just waiting to be absorbed by the body. Who knew such tasty lunchtime options could pack such a nutritional punch?!

For more information about the health benefits of soup, or to browse the menu and see which is the ‘soup du jour’ – visit the website!

For less than £5.00, diners at Soupe du Jour can choose from eight mouth-watering soups every day, each with garnishes, inlays and toppings – all served up with a slice of handmade German bread to make a full meal, rather than a starter or prelude to the main event. All of the soups are gluten and dairy-free, with natural sweeteners like honey used wherever necessary. All vegetables and ingredients are locally sourced, and the meat used is produced under the highest animal welfare standards. Ethical soup is here to stay!

There are currently two Soupe du Jour premises in London – the first has been open for six months in London’s Soho area, while the second outlet just opened at CITY, 38 Houndsditch, near the busy Liverpool Street Station. Michelin Star-trained chef Jona Eckerlein has created a myriad of mouth-watering recipes that take traditional soups to the next level, and offer a truly healthy lunch option for busy Londoners.

I am fortunate enough to have one of their amazing recipes to share with you – Tasty, simple to make and packed with nutritional value.


Beetroot Soup



I have tried and tested this recipe for myself.

My verdict:

I found it super easy to make. In fact, much easier than I thought. As soon as the ingredients were simmering away, the kitchen started to smell divine!


In actual fact I have never been a fan of beetroot so I was really intrigued to see what I was going to think of this soup. Turns out, I loved it!!! It is probably one of my favourite soups now! I will be sure to make it again very soon. It was lovely to have something different and even Molly was a fan! Thank you to Soupe de Jour for sharing your recipe.



Disclaimer: Post in association with Soupe du Jour