Me and Mine {March}

I have taken an accidental break from my blog for the last month due to being so busy and a little stressed but I have thought about it constantly and still been reading some amazing blogs to keep my spirit up.

But it is time to come back and I have some ideas for some upcoming posts.

I thought I would start with Me and Mine {March} – a linked post sharing your family photos from the month.

March was the host of Mother’s Day and I had one of the best days! Molly, myself, my Mummy and my Nanny (along with my sister, step-dad and Granddad) went to a National Trust site and walked around the grounds and stopped for lunch with my sister and family.


The house we visited was beautiful and having so many adults meant there was enough of us to occupy Molly so we could really explore the place and not rush. Some of the rooms had puzzles in which were a help!

We then walked around the whole grounds, stopping for photos and to have a laugh. I loved that I got to spend some time with my little sister and goof about!



Nothing beats quality time with your family and this day was full of it. I love how my Mum got to spend Mother’s Day with her Mum, I got to spend it with my Mum, and Molly got to send it with her Mum. Mum’s united!

When we got home we continued the Mother’s Day theme and Molly paint me this frame:


‘You are my sunshine’ was a song my Nanny from my Dad’s side used to sing to me so having those words and Molly’s beautiful art work makes it very special. I have yet to put a photo in it but it is already in pride of place on my mantel piece.

My chosen photo from Mother’s day for my Me and Mine {March} piece is:


I know Molly is not looking at the camera here but she was more interested in the water spraying from the fountain, however I think this captures a really beautiful setting which summed up our day.

dear beautiful