Easter Crafts and too much Chocolate

I felt like there was such a big build up to Easter this year and it seemed as though I was surrounded by chocolate eggs in the shops for a lot longer than I can remember from previous years. Every time we went out Molly’s attention would be captured by the colourful packaging and bright displays. I managed to avoid buying early Easter eggs for her and let the Easter bunny do all the work.

A couple days before Easter we went to a soft play centre and they had set up an Easter themed day. We had to run about the centre and find cardboard eggs and collect as many as we could – we then took these to the ‘shop’ and exchanged them for sweets. Molly thoroughly enjoyed spotting the eggs as we played and searched for them throughout our time there, adding to her pile. There was also a visit from the Easter bunny which Molly loved. She knew that the bunny had to hop and was so happy to see him.

FullSizeRender-130 FullSizeRender-131

On Easter morning she came downstairs to see what the Easter bunny had brought her. She had lots of chocolate eggs given to her from family and friends and had to tuck in straight away – but chocolate is acceptable for breakfast at Easter!

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I had no big plans for the day as we had been pretty busy during the week so I thought it would be nice to stay home and do some Easter themed crafts.

We had already made an Easter basket at a play class that week. It was made out of a paper plate with a pipe cleaner handle and Molly decorated the sides. She is obsessed with baskets at the moment so she has taken a liking to her own made version.


With tissue paper we made a chicken! Since they have been advertised everywhere this Easter Molly has fallen in love with them and she loved our little creation too, so much so she kept kissing it’s foam beak.


I then cut out a bunny shape from a piece of card and Molly stuck on lots of little pom-pom balls and foam shapes for features.


Our final craft was an Easter shaker. I have loads of empty plastic eggs lying around due to Molly’s obsession with watching eggs being unwrapped on YouTube and making me buy some every time we are in a supermarket so I filled one with rice and tapped in together. We then stuck on tissue paper with PVA glue and Molly stuck on some Easter stickers. When it was all dry we had fun shaking it and singing along!



We had lots of guests pop over during the day so our evening was spent snuggled on the sofa and eating even more chocolate. We still have a surprising amount of chocolate eggs and goodies left over which is becoming harder and harder to resist!


I hope everyone had a lovely Easter experience 🙂

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