My Meals #1 Featuring Chicken Green Thai Curry

 I started My Meals a while ago as a way of sharing my recent recipes and healthy family friendly meals. I wanted to get back in to cooking and widen the variety of food that me and Molly ate.

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Since then I have learnt to cook so much more so I thought I would share with you my upcoming meal plan along with a recipe or item from my shopping list. I always write out a meal plan before I go food shopping as a way of reducing waste, saving money and so I don’t have to think of an interesting meal as i come home from work – I already have a list options to choose from so I can pick which dinner takes my fancy. I don’t write out a dinner per night as then I can choose from my list, but knowing I have all the ingredients really helps.

I also don’t plan seven meals a week. Cooking for one and a mini, I sometimes find it hard to create small portions so I will cook up a larger one and have it for two days, which I especially find useful if I have some left overs to simply heat up as I come home from work, giving me more evening time with Molly and less time over the stove. I may eat out, go to a friends or my Mum’s for dinner so my one week meal plan can last up to ten days or even two weeks, especially with two dishes out of one recipe.

I am also following the Juice PLUS+ eating guide to become more healthy and rid that final bit of baby weight. Being a part of this has helped me loose much unwanted weight so far so I know the eat clean plan works. It also makes me feel good so I try and pick recipes which are allowed on the plan – The photos below are all clean and Juice PLUS+ friendly.

On my last meal plan I included:

– Fish, cous-cous, green beans and broccoli

– Chicken tikka and yoghurt rice

– Chinese fakeaway (chicken, peppers and noodles)

– Creamy mustard chicken, sweet potato mash, broccoli and green beans

– Sticky chicken and rice with peas, carrots and sesame seeds

– Beef lasagne

– Roast dinner

– Casserole

– Chicken thai green curry

– Omelette

I still have a few of these meals to eat up over the next few days so I imagine our dinners are covered until I go shopping next week. I always find that packs of food are so large for small families that I am using them up for meals to come. I normally end up doing a ‘throw everything I have left in the fridge’ meal at the end of the week too.

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This week I am sharing my Chicken Thai Green Curry recipe:

Chicken Thai Green Curry 


one teaspoon of thai green curry paste

2 cloves of Garlic

Garlic salt

Garlic paste

3 chicken breasts

2 x Pak choi

half a bag of spinach

1 can of coconut milk

a bunch of coriander


– Cut the chicken into small chunks and cover with garlic paste and salt. Leave this to marinade as long as you can.

– Cook the chicken in a large pan with a little olive oil and a teaspoon of garlic paste.

– Chop the pak choi in to small pieces an once the chicken is cooked through, add the pak choi, spinach and garlic in to the pan and cook for five minutes stirring together.

– Add in one can of coconut milk and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.

– Break the leaves off the bunch of coriander and add into the pan and mix in.

– Serve with basmati rice.


What I use:

I always use this curry paste:


I found it in the world’s food section in my local supermarket and I find it tastes much better than any other brand. But it is much hotter! One teaspoon is as much as I can handle but you can always add more if you can handle your spice.

I also use a coconut milk from the same section – I don’t have one in particular that I buy, just any I can find there as they are half the price and again much nicer in my opinion. I scoop out the solid coconut milk to use in the pan and throw any water away. This makes the curry thicker. Although if you would like your curry even thicker, just leave it to simmer until you are happy with the consistency.

I sometimes add in Kaffir lime leaves too which give it a true thai taste.

This is one of my favourite meals and I have it very regularly. On a naughty day I may even have a few prawn crackers on the side too.

Molly enjoys the chicken, rice and crackers but I have to make sure I don’t make it too spicy for her. This is a fab dish the whole family can enjoy and the recipe makes a large portion, so for me it lasts a couple days.