My Week at a Glance #1

Today I found a new linky called ‘My Week at a Glance’ and loved the idea of summing up the week in a photo collage so I am here to join in.

My Week at a Glance #1 


A couple of these photos are from the last fortnight but I just had to share!

We recently saw the Chris and Pui show at our local theatre which I was so excited for! After spending many days over the last two and a half years watching them on Cebeebies it felt like watching real celebrities (must watch more adult tv)! The show was well put together and the kids really enjoyed it. We went with Molly’s cousins and all of them sat and watched the whole show with its many nursery rhymes for all to sing along to. At the end of the show Chris and Pui waited around for everyone to meet them for photographs and for autographs which I thought was really lovely.

We have spent lots of time over the last week at home – watching Molly smile randomly as we potter through the chores makes the day fun and is a complete joy. Everyday I feel like we become a little closer and know each other a little better, and that grin is totally infectious!

One of her favourite toys at the moment is an old rocking horse. My brother has recently bought a house which used to belong to an old lady and it was left at the property. When we went to go and see the house Molly saw the horse and it came straight home with us, and with a bit of a tidy up she is now making full use of it. I love how old this is and how that it would have had many children find joy playing with it and now we can make use of it and let the play continue.

Her other favourite toys right now are Buzz and Woody from Toy Story and she likes wearing Woody’s hat! We have to watch Toy Story fairly often but I don’t mind at all as it’s a true classic and much better than any kids television shows. I used to like Toy Story growing up so its lovely to watch Molly finding the same film so enjoyable.

Since the sun has graced us with its presence we have spent some time outdoors and one place we visited was an animal farm. Molly was scared of the animals which was rather unusual for her as she normally loves them but the farm did have multiple parks and a sandy area for her to enjoy. We spent ages just sat in the sun building castles and knocking them down. Molly has taken such an interest in sand that I am hoping to spend lots of time at the beach this summer, which sounds wonderful!

Next week I am looking forward to a visit to the park, fun in the garden, seeing friends, and finishing some house chores!