My Week at a Glance #2

This week has not been particularly exciting and the weekend already feels like a lifetime ago. I work Monday to Wednesday and never find enough time in the evenings to get everything done and play too, as hard as I try, so I try and make my days off as fun as possible.

On Thursday we went to visit the Nursery which Molly will be starting in a few weeks, you can read more about that here: What to consider when choosing your child’s nursery.

On Friday I had tons of baby clothes to sort out, Molly has grown out of it all and I could never get rid of any of it but it was mounting up so badly that I had to start clearing it out and only save the items which had memories attached to it. As that gave us a pretty boring morning we went to a soft play centre in the afternoon so Molly could let off some steam. At these places I always get fully involved, I climb through the apparatus, go down the slides, splash in the ball pits and do whatever Molly wants to so we can have some real fun together, but it makes me so upset when other parents can’t even watch their children. I can understand if your kids are older and they can go off and play alone but I would never let Molly out of my sight at the age of two. I saw two parents sat away from the play zone engrossed in their phones, one mother was simply sat on Facebook whilst her young child screamed holding on her to leg and she just ignored him to scroll through her News Feed, one grandparent sat around the corner whilst the three children played – one the same age as Molly (as the little boy told me!) and she couldn’t see the baby as she fell about, and one male actually sat with his eyes shut!!!! I was in total shock at how they were so comfortable not to supervise their children especially when they are so young, I know I would worry and I would feel sad and guilty to be missing out.

On Saturday the sun was out so I decided to take Molly to the beach. We went to my favourite one just a short drive away and made castles in the sand. It turned out to be much windier that I had anticipated so we couldn’t stay for long, especially when Molly kept getting upset that the wet sand was sticking to her toes. We walked along the pier and ate our picnic, before spending our two pence’s in the arcade. We won a teddy keyring which Molly has been carrying around since and to my luck I won an Olaf on those grabbing machines, Molly was thrilled and I was rather impressed too!


Sunday saw a lazy day for us at home watching films and lounging about – but these are amongst my favourite.

Then Monday swings around so quickly again!

I hope everyone enjoyed their week.