Making the Most of Every Day

This post is about making the most of every day, inspired by Tinyfootsteps.

Over the last couple days I have been in a really bad mood and then I spend all evening feeling really guilty about it. I have shouted a little too much and not shown enough love, when that’s all I want to do really.

Yesterday was my Dad’s birthday, but sadly he is no longer here with us. This always makes it a tough time of the year and I can’t help but feel upset and frustrated. I deffinately do not mean to take this anger out on Molly, and I try my best not to, however the emotion is so strong that I feel awful. I know I try to be the best mother I can be every day, but when in a bad mood this doesn’t seem to be good enough and no where near what she deserves.

Luckily, without even knowing it she pulls me through. After two days of being grumpy I am starting to feel like my old self again and there is laughter back in the house.

My Dad was so special that it still breaks my heart that he is no longer with us, but every year we still celebrate his birthday as if he were. Me and my sister always go out for dinner together in the same restaurant where we went with him and this year, having his grave stone for the first year, we met my other siblings there and visited his place of rest to lay flowers, sing Happy Birthday and blow the candles out on a cake.

Last year we tied messages to balloons and set them off to the sky for him – You Would Have Been 66. I love that each year we still try and do something special and spend time giving him extra thought.

This year it was important that Molly understood who her Granddad was and be more apart of his celebration. We have lots of photographs of him around the house but I recently discovered my old frames with his pictures in. I brought these to our house where I haven’t had chance to find a place for them yet as Molly likes to carry it around and talk to him via the photos. I think this is just wonderful and it is so special to see her chatting away as if he were right by her. I want him to always be part of her life and to tell her all the stories as she grows up.





So even though it has been a tough couple days, having a close family and a beautiful daughter has helped me smile and realise how I still have so many things to be thankful for – Of course I always knew this but sometimes you just a big nudge. I am learning how to turn a negative experience into a positive one and use it as a driving force to make the most of every day. I have a busy weekend planned for me and Molly to squeeze in some extra quality time together and just enjoy each other’s company –isn’t that what it’s all about?!

So thinking positively about my week:

Out and About

We got to visit the beach this week and enjoy some sun.

We got to go out for dinner.

We had a tour of Molly’s Nursery.

We went to a soft play centre.

Fun at Home

We had a movie day with lots of Disney.

We cooed at old baby clothes and dressed toys.

Time for Me

I spent time with a friend on a Saturday night (felt strange!!!).

My Happiest Moment 

Seeing Molly talk to my Dad and laughing with him.

Next Week I Would Like to…

Get back to planning more activities for us to enjoy.

Spend more time outside (weather permitting!).

Work with Molly to crack her bed-time routine (and get some sleep!).

Fit in a little more exercise (compared to none!).