Me and Mine {April}

I always wanted a little girl. I know you shouldn’t say it, is it considered wrong perhaps? But deep down I knew I always pictured myself with a daughter.

When I was pregnant, I didn’t find out what I was having, I didn’t want to and I wanted to keep the surprise. This shocked a lot of friends as with everything else in my life I plan to the maximum. But with that special decision I wanted to stay traditional.

For a long time I thought I was having a boy. Something kept telling my my baby was male and I started to get excited for blue rompers and football classes. Right up until the week before I gave birth I thought I was having a boy and then something changed and I knew there was a little girl inside my bump.

Just because I always saw myself with a girl doesn’t mean I would have loved a little boy any less. Not at all. I cannot wait to have a son and already have a list of names I would choose for him.

I think I just always saw myself as a girly girl and thought I would struggle more on knowing what to do with a boy, such as teaching him how to use the toilet!

But with a girl I knew what I was doing. Molly is very girly and I love it! I love pink pink pink and frilly dresses with pigtails.

This week we have been indulging into our girly side. I gave Molly her first hair cut which she sat very well for although she kept trying to look at the scissors above her head and repeated ‘chop chop’!

We often paint our nails. Molly loves to get the nail varnish out and a couple of times I have walked into my bedroom and found her painting her own nails. Hopefully she has now learnt that this is not okay and it’s something we must do together in order to spare my carpet! She looks so cute blowing on her tiny finger nails trying to get her bright varnish to dry. This time we drew little hearts on her pink varnish which didn’t take long to smudge.



Having time to yourself as a single parent, on any type of parent is almost impossible. Finding time to do things you did pre-babies is almost non-existent but that doesn’t mean you need to miss out on them altogether. I haven’t applied a face mask in years and last week I thought I would for a change, I used to do them all of the time and only haven’t as I thought it wasn’t a toddler-friendly activity. It’s only something little, but it’s a little pamper that is sometimes needed and often missed. However Molly was intrigued straight away and thought I was really funny for covering my face in a thick lotion. She got so interested in it that she wanted her own, but due to it drying fairly hard and its deep cleansing nature I did’t want to apply it to her delicate skin however I couldn’t let her miss out. I found some thick baby cream and applied it all over her face. She loved being just like Mummy!





Once we had washed it off she was stroking her face telling me how soft it was!

I love my little princess and the big impressions she leaves on my heart.


dear beautiful