My Meals #2 Featuring Sweet Potato Cakes

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I am sticking with my clean eating plan and trying harder than ever now after a nasty stomach bug ruined my appetite recently. Eating better has introduced me back into the world of cooking and allowing Molly to experiment with many different foods, essential for her to grow up knowing a healthy diet and feeling the benefits.

I always thought eating healthier would be more expensive and take longer when cooking but I have found it to be quite the opposite, what a pleasant surprise!

I have never felt better, had more energy, or cared so much about my body and what I am filling it with. I am getting the most out of my journey and learning so much along the way. Gone are the bloated days full of rubbish.

I am still making my meal plans fortnightly as this gives me plenty of options each night and allows me days where I can use ingredients up. That is actually how I came to make my sweet potato cakes that I am sharing with you today. Although for some reason Molly calls these ‘cookies’!! Well if the gloves fits! 

Over the past two weeks we have been enjoying:

– Pina colada chicken curry

– Chicken salad

– Sweet potato cakes

– Chicken with mash and greens

– Sweet potato soup

– Pesto salmon

– Pasta bake

– Clean fajitas

– Chicken tikka masala curry with rice

I am following the Juice PLUS+ lifestyle change and all of my meals are made using the plan. I am a distributer for this nutritional company so please email me if you would like any further information on a clean and healthy lifestyle or are looking to loose weight/build muscle. 

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Sweet Potato Cakes 

One of my new favourite meals is my sweet potato cakes. I have these for breakfast or as a side to dinner. You can make so many varieties and I have shown some below.


Two sweet potatoes

Two carrots

Large handful of peas

One egg

Pinch of salt, pepper and mixed herbs

Optional toppings – sesame seeds, cheese, bacon, added vegetables (some items considered cheats when following the Juice PLUS+ plan)


– Chop the potatoes and carrots into small chunks and boil in a large pan on high heat with the peas until all soft.

– Place into a bowl and add one egg. Mix together with a pinch of salt, pepper and mixed herbs, and gently mash.


– Shape into patties and lightly fry in a sauce pan, turning half way, for about ten minutes.


– Add optional toppings if desired.