My Week at a Glance #3


Out and About

We haven’t got out very much this week as Molly has been a little ill so we have mainly enjoyed staying at home and having lots of cuddles. I tried to take her to a toddler group as I thought she was feeling better but she wanted to leave after half an hour to go home and go to bed. She is back to normal now though so a trip to the park was in order and she was ready for a busy weekend. She spent the day on Saturday with her Dad at a National Trust place and on Sunday we had a family BBQ in our garden to celebrate my birthday.

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Fun at Home

We have been playing lots of games together this week. Molly loves her tea set and I let her play with water with it even though my floor ends up soaked! We often play hide and seek which I find one of our most fun games. Molly tends to hide under the dining table most of the time but I still pretend like I cannot find her for a while as I listen to her giggle. She lets me have my go too so I am finding it a good way to teach her how to take turns. I have wanted to buy her a trampoline for a long time now and I finally bought her one, and it’s pink!! She really loves it and laughs her head off falling over. The safety net is still on route to us and I will feel a lot better about her bouncing when it arrives, but it’s fun to bounce together anyway.

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Time for Me

I feel like I have had the more time for myself this week than ever! Molly started Nursery on Monday and I had the day off work so I spent all morning doing chores by myself, not particularly exciting but felt good to get things done quickly. On Friday night I went to the cinema with my little sister as a birthday treat and on Saturday I had the day to myself whilst Molly spent time with her Dad, so I went out for the day baby-free, which felt very very strange!

My Happiest Moment

Molly only likes hugs and kisses on her terms so I am often pushed away! But this week she has started randomly coming up behind me, wrapping her arms around my leg and telling me she loves me! It’s quite unexpected but I love her little outbursts of affection.


Next Week I Would Like to…

Next week I would like to get out a bit more and hopefully enjoy some sun, if we ever get any! I have seen a couple of events on locally and I am really hoping we can make them.

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