Beets BLU PagerTag Review

I have my phone glued to me, may it be for responding to messages or emails, taking a quick photograph, or creating a to-do list, I find it hard to go any real length of time without referring to it. It literally holds my life and it would be a nightmare should I misplace it.

I have recently been sent a product which helps you find a lost phone, amen! This is the Beets BLU PagerTag device.


This little device allows you to keep track of your valuables, may it be your phone, keys, wallet, laptop etc, simply by tagging it with the PagerTag. The PagerTag also detects the proximity of the object and beeps when the object is out of range. After reading up on this device it can even be said to be used to track children and pets!

In order for this to work you download a free app on your mobile phone which syncs to the PagerTag device through Bluetooth. You can then press the button on the Tag to signal your phone to make a sound/play music so you can locate it, or you can attach the PagerTag to various items, i.e., bags, keys and use your phone to find them should you misplace or loose them. From the key fob itself you can remotely command your phone by making it play sounds, start/pause music, taking photos, voice memo and more. The product also comes with a battery which should last up to one year and is water resistant.


I found the PagerTag really simple to set up and to connect it to my phone. I have mainly been testing it to find my phone which really works so I would love to use this on a bag should I go travelling somewhere for added peace of mind. It’s especially handy if you have children who like to hide your things, this could quickly help you find them again!

The only improvement I could recommend would be to have it reach an even further distance when tracking your belongings but apart from that I think it’s a really handy little item!

Disclaimer: Post in association with Beets BLU. I was sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own. Thank you.