My Week at a Glance #4


Well we have had a lovely week!

Out and About

We got to get out and about much more this week as I had wished for. On Thursday we went to a messy play class where we played in sand, water and made cereal star fish. Friday took us to a new class which was focused on music and dance. Molly was shy at first and then really started participating with the dancing and joining in with the games. Saturday she was with her Dad and they went to the beach and park together whilst I had a day out too. Sunday we went to a local animal park where we got to meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I have no idea where Molly’s interest in them has come from but she has taken a liking to them and loved to see them. She got to jump on a bouncy castle and screamed with laughter when a turtle joined her! She ate ice cream and fed lots of animals, so all in all it was a lovely day in the sun.

Fun at Home 

Monday took a slight turn for the worst and we didn’t get to enjoy the bank holiday as much as I had hoped as Molly started teething really badly. I actually can’t remember her being in this much pain when she was teething as a baby so it was really hard to watch. Lots of medicine and cuddles later she seemed to feel much better and spent most of the evening in Mummy’s bed recovering. To cheer her up I treated her to some lego – another new random phase she is going through right now – and we attempted to make cars and planes (although this is a lot harder than I first thought!). We haven’t had much time at home to due our busy week so I am looking forward to having the next couple evenings at home together relaxing.

Time for Me

As she did last week, Molly spent one day at the weekend with her Dad so I went out for the day too, It still feels weird to spend a day without Molly but her Dad will be working away soon so it is important for them to get some time together before he goes. I haven’t had much other time to myself this week but a day away from her is enough for me!

My Happiest Moment

Even though Monday saw a lot of tears, by the evening we just sat together, made up silly games and cuddled. This is true happiness: Little whispers of ‘I love you’ melt my heart!

Next Week I Would Like to…

Next week I would like to get back in to more of a routine! I have been saying this for some time now but I have found a new lease of motivation and am really going to put more effort in to adding more structure in to our daily life. I used to be very strict with our routine and I have slowly let things slide downhill and as a result Molly is still sleeping in my bed, still going to bed too late, and still has her dummy! I hope to start bringing in some ideas to try and change these things over the next few days and hopefully get back to following more of a daily plan.

Thank you!

A big thank you goes out to Shannonagains for choosing me to be the favourite host of the week for My Week at a Glance last week – what an honour!!

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