Me and Mine {May}

I had my birthday this month, another year older and perhaps another year wiser, or so they say.

To celebrate I held a family BBQ as the weather was looking bright. It was so lovely that so many of my family made the effort to come and join me. The garden has only recently been completed so it was wonderful to watch all the children play outside.




We ate lots and got the chance to talk for hours, something that is so rare with everybody being so busy all of the time. Molly got to play with her cousins but the party atmosphere got too much and she had to take a long nap half way through!


Me and my sister also went to the cinema as my Mum watched Molly as an extra birthday treat. I haven’t been to the cinema in years and even though I think they are so expensive, it is something I miss as I no longer have the option to go being a single parent. It was a great film, full of laughs and we even had to giggle at me reversing into a lamp-post and denting my car trying to park!

On the day of my actual birthday, Molly had nursery and I had the day off work so it was a pretty boring morning of chores. In the afternoon we had fun though as me, my sister and Molly ended up going bowling. Molly had never been bowling before but she loved it! She watched intently as her ball rolled down the aisle and cheered herself for knocking down the pins. She was actually really good and even managed to win a game although my sister and I had the barriers up! She also bowls in style in her Peppa Pig slippers and chocolate lolly-pop.

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As it is every year, my birthday is always hard as I miss my Dad – he actually died on my 21st birthday. Each year the day is so difficult and this year it was even harder as my Nanny, who also shares my birthday with me, wasn’t here to share it this year for the first time ever. Depsite all of the hurdles, I was determined to have a good day for them both and celebrate life instead.

May is always full of emotions but I am so happy that I got to spend so much time with my family this month. So this month’s Me and Mine is not just for me and Molly, but for my whole family too. My family are my strength and I have so much to thank them for.

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dear beautiful