My Week at a Glance #5


Out and About

As normal I worked the first few days of the week then my days off start from Thursday. This week we went to a new soft play centre that has recently opened as they were holding a pottery painting session. The idea was to paint an item for Father’s Day although Molly picked items for her Dad, my step-Dad, herself and me, she just loves to paint! She really tried hard though which was really sweet to watch. You can find our previous Father’s Day gift ideas here: Getting Ready for Father’s Day and Ways to Remember Dad’s this Father’s Day. The gifts won’t be ready to pick up until next week and I am excited to see the finished products.

On Friday we went back to the same soft play centre as they were holding a Frozen party. Need I say more?! I thought the party was well put together and included performances from Olaf, Anna and Elsa, a meet and greet, soft play, a Frozen themed lunch, and face painting. Molly particularly loved getting to meet Olaf.

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On Saturday we went shopping for all the people who have birthday’s coming up in June and Molly did very well herself! For some reason she has created an obsession with Spongebob Sqaure Pants and chose herself a talking toy which I find particularly annoying and it has been carried everywhere since. We then went on to a country park where they had set up a trail featuring fairies and characters from classic children’s stories. The trail was beautiful and it was lovely just to be able to walk in the open and relax. Molly did superb and walked the entire route which I was pleasantly surprised about as she normally makes me carry her every where. We stopped off at the park on the way back to the car too.


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Fun at Home

We haven’t had much time at home again this week with being so busy out and about but it’s the little things that have made me smile, like watching Molly feed her Furby cereal and sticker pictures. Sunday saw a lazy home day playing with her new presents and colouring with some television time.

Time for Me

I haven’t really had any time for myself this week. Molly is still sleeping in my bed and stays up until I go to sleep so I thought I would start working on correcting this. It was harder than I thought and the first time she was asleep in her own room I sat in my bed and cried for half an hour about how much I missed her! It’s going to be a bit of a battle this but I am sure we will get there eventually, just maybe not this week!

Next Week I Would Like to…

I did stick to my goal last week and set us a daily routine which we have mostly been sticking to, apart from the sleeping in separate rooms and loosing the dummy! So next week I would like to spend a little more time at home where we can put the plan into action some more. We have had a very busy few weeks and have missed out on home time with Molly’s toys and games and I think we both have missed just getting into our own little world of play.

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