My Week at a Glance #7


Out and About

This week my favourite thing we did was go to see The Ben and Holly Live in the Little Kingdom show. It was so good! Molly absolutely loved it!! She actually cried during the interval because she thought it was over and balled her eyes out when it really had finished. The characters were very similar to the television show, particularly King Thistle and The Wise Old Elf.


Fun at Home

We have spent lots of time at home this week. We have had breakfast in the garden, picnics, and played outside. I also bought Molly a Puppet theatre as she loves to watch ‘Tommy finger’ on YouTube so now we can make up our own little performances and incorporate numbers, colours and imagination. We got to bake some more too by making my Step-Dad a Father’s Day treat. Molly rolled out the pastry and played with it like PlayDoh, which meant the decorations on the top of the tart were made with little hands adding to the whole gesture.

Time for me

On Saturday night I went out to dinner, baby-free, and then went back to my Mum’s house where Molly was staying so I could wake up with her. My niece and nephews were also sleeping there so it was really fun to wake up all together. Molly then spent Sunday with her Dad going for a walk through the forest and I spent all day trying to sort out my memory-full laptop, oh the joys! 

Next Week I Would Like To…

Next week I would like to have some fun! I feel like we have been really busy with boring chores over the last couple weeks as the to-do list was mounting up, and I did want to spend more time at home, but I want to make sure I have the balance correct. I think we need to have a really fun day out especially as we have been sticking to our daily routine really well lately with no dummy and going to bed separately, which has been a little tough at times. If the weather is warm, I would love to go to the beach.

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