A Nature Trail for A Two Year Old

A couple of weeks ago my friend came along with me and Molly to a Nature Trail that I had planned. I really wanted to get out in the sun but in an inexpensive and calm way, where we could have some time together locally, simply enjoying what’s around us. There is something just so peaceful about the countryside and I really need to make more of it living in such a beautiful place.


I searched the Internet but found that many nature trails were aimed at older children but I really wanted some material to take with me for Molly to learn from and enjoy.

Some sites were helpful in giving me ideas and others gave me some print outs (below).

I found this Nature Trail Tick List sheet of animals/plants that we had to spot – something nice and simple for Molly to do. I could easily ask her to find a bird or tree and then she could mark it off.


I packed some crayons and her sunglasses in a little basket for her to carry and she filled the basket with flowers and leaves, trying to gather as many different kinds as we could.



I also made my own activity sheet with little tasks on, such as:

– Can you collect 5 sticks and count them out?
– Can you pick 5 different colour flowers and name the colour?
– How many different animals can you spot?
– What noises can you hear?
– Place a leaf under your paper and rub over it with a crayon
– Place some bark under your paper and rub over it with a crayon

We walked through the Nature Reserve spotting swans, water, clouds and Molly stopped along the way to have a closer look. Unfortunately it got pretty cold so we couldn’t stay as long as we had liked. I had more activities planned and would have loved to have stopped for a picnic also.


As we got too cold to stand outside despite it looking pretty sunny, we strolled back and admired the scenery. Once home Molly and I continued on the nature theme with finishing the other activities I had found.

We coloured in print outs of animals we had seen on our walk:


We then made animal planes and puppets. I found these ideas on a website (below) also and simply printed out the sheets. We coloured them in and I cut them out making butterfly planes and bird finger puppets. I think these are a great educational tool as you can vary the details depending on the child’s age. Molly loved to make them fly.



With our flowers and leaves that we had collected I wanted to make pictures showing where we had walked but unfortunately they didn’t last long enough to do this!

I was really happy with our trail and would love to do it again soon in some nicer weather. I found the tasks very age appropriate and suitable for Molly’s engagement. It also provided us with a day full of activities at no cost but with lots of education and fun.


The print outs I used were from: Woodland Trust Nature Detectives. This post is not in association with them.