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Welcome to Juice PLUS+

I wanted to share with you my exciting new beginning – I was suppose to be linking up with The Prompt for this one but somehow time got the better of me. I… Continue reading

Introducing My Meals

So I am back at it again with this ‘diet’ malarky! I will loose weight!!! I have rejoined the gym whilst I am staying at my mums and am hoping to go a… Continue reading

Can Drinking Tea Really Make You Loose Weight?

Can drinking tea really make you loose weight? Well I am here to put it to the test. As you all know I have been on a diet pretty much ever since I… Continue reading

Weight Watchers Week 3

Over the last two weeks I have been continuing my Weight Watchers journey and being more conscious of what I am eating. From my photographs that I post I do not think that… Continue reading

Weight Watchers Week 1

So I am back again with yet another diet! I got stuck at the weight I was and was finding it really hard to shift those pounds. So now I have decided to… Continue reading

Weight Loss +3

So my Countdown came to an end and I didn’t quite reach my target and I still had just over 8lbs to loose. Even though I was slightly disappointed, I would rather look… Continue reading

Countdown Week 12

I am really focused on the gym right now and pushing myself when I am there. I am really feeling the benefits now and it is encouraging me to keep going. I never… Continue reading