My Week at a Glance #3

Out and About We haven’t got out very much this week as Molly has been a little ill so we have mainly enjoyed staying at home and having lots of cuddles. I tried… Continue reading

Wicked Wednesday 13th May 2015

Cheeeeeeese! That’s the whole block!!

My Meals #2 Featuring Sweet Potato Cakes

I am sticking with my clean eating plan and trying harder than ever now after a nasty stomach bug ruined my appetite recently. Eating better has introduced me back into the world of… Continue reading

Wicked Wednesday 6th May 2015

Who doesn’t travel in the PJ’s with sunglasses and a watch?!!!!

Me and Mine {April}

I always wanted a little girl. I know you shouldn’t say it, is it considered wrong perhaps? But deep down I knew I always pictured myself with a daughter. When I was pregnant,… Continue reading

My Sunday Photo 26.04.2105

Making the Most of Every Day

This post is about making the most of every day, inspired by Tinyfootsteps. Over the last couple days I have been in a really bad mood and then I spend all evening feeling… Continue reading