Hungry Baby

This week I decided to start weaning Molly. She is five months old and I really felt she was ready for food. Recently it seemed that her bottle was just not enough. I… Continue reading

Picture Week 3

My picture this weeks comes from my Birthday visit to the zoo. I think Molly looks so cute with her new toy penguin!

My Birthday Weekend

I celebrated my 23rd Birthday this weekend just gone, and it was lovely! I tried not to think too much about the sadness that the day always brings but celebrate happy memories and… Continue reading

Dear Father..

My birthday is this Saturday and normally I LOVE my birthday and I am known for it! I always make a big deal about it and it’s a day I have always looked… Continue reading

Emotions Running High!

I am starting to wonder when my emotions will go back to normal?! In all honesty I thought I would be back to my regular self by now. Maybe I was being a… Continue reading

Picture Week 2

We always call Molly, Molly-Moo. This is her all ready for bed in her moo-cow outfit!

There Was a Lounge in Here!

I cannot believe how much stuff one little person needs! My sister has kids and so does some of my friends, so I knew how much was required, but I didn’t really think… Continue reading