Am I there yet?!

I am in the middle of my exams and in a weeks time I will all be done. I cannot wait! This week has been tough! At the end of last week, Molly… Continue reading

Safe Candles!

I love candles! My mum hates candles! She says they are far too dangerous. When I lived at home we had no rules..except one, no candles in our bedroom. She was always worried… Continue reading

Picture Week 1

I take hundreds of pictures of Molly every day it seems! So I have decided that every week I will pick my favourite and upload it as my picture of the week. I… Continue reading

What it means to be a mummy

So I have been thinking of how my life has changed since I became a mum, and what’s to come as Molly grows up. Being a mummy means: You hum kids tv show… Continue reading

That’s Inappropriate!

My most used saying at the moment is ‘that’s inappropriate’! Since I became pregnant and starting thinking about what my baby will see/hear in this world, I have a completely new look on… Continue reading

Have I Missed Too Much Already?

Nearly every day I worry. I worry that I have already missed too much. Molly was born on the 31st December 2012. My 2nd term back at University after Christmas break started on… Continue reading

Birth in the Bath!

Well this is my first post and I thought there would be nothing better for me to say than to tell you the story of my labour, and how I gave birth in… Continue reading