What I Write About

I write about anything and everything that is important to me.

Addingup2bemum is about my journey of juggling emotions, parenting, and working all whilst remaining true to myself and putting my daughter first.

I will always keep my blog up to date with my experiences, feelings and my journey with my daughter.

So far I have been writing about the following categories:


The blogger in me: Blogger

My home: House Proud

My daughter: Molly Amaya

My feelings: My Life

Healthy eating and family recipes: My Meals

Being a mummy: Parenting

The parenting methods we use and tips on always being prepared: Tips and Techniques

Weekly pictures of my baby: Pick of the Pictures

Product Reviews: Reviews

My diet: Weight Loss

Our activities and places we visit: What We Do


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I would love to hear what you have to say and always appreciate your advice.


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