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Heroes of the City #2 Review and Giveaway

Last year we were lucky enough to review a Heroes of the city set, including book, DVD, and toys, you can find this post here: Heroes of the City Review. Now we have… Continue reading

Beets BLU PagerTag Review

I have my phone glued to me, may it be for responding to messages or emails, taking a quick photograph, or creating a to-do list, I find it hard to go any real… Continue reading

My 1st Years Blanket Review

I love blankets. Molly loves blankets. I am definitely one of those people that would rather be wearing shorts and a t-shirt under a blanket than to add an extra layer. I just… Continue reading

First Aid Essentials and a MyMediMates Review

When MyMediMates got in contact with me I was happy to work with them and bring you a post covering the importance of a First Aid Kit and give you information on allergy… Continue reading

Win a Factory Trip to Design Your Own Love Hearts!

No matter how much I diet or try and watch what I am eating, one thing I always struggle with is to cut down on is my sugar intake. I have such a… Continue reading

The Bear and Miss Rabbit Review

Molly is really a little toddler now and not so much a baby. As I have said before, she has outgrown many of her baby toys now and I am always on the… Continue reading

Heroes of the City Review and Giveaway

Recently we have been reviewing Heroes of the City. We have been watching the DVD, reading the book, and playing with the toys. The Heroes of the City DVD is colourful and bright… Continue reading