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Is it Safe to Blog?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about blogging after hearing many disturbing news stories about incidents around children, and I have been asking myself – is it safe to blog? I wonder… Continue reading

Just Stop, Put the Phone Down and be in the Moment

It is really hard to get away from technology now days, it is simply everywhere. Being a blogger makes it even harder to escape. You find yourself constantly checking Twitter or other social… Continue reading

Reflection – The Prompt

Today I am linking up with mumturnedmom to participate in The Prompt. The Prompt has been created to give you a key word to write something about. This week the word is Reflection.… Continue reading

The MAD Blog Awards 2014

So it’s time for all your readers to vote for The Mads 2014. This is the fifth annual blogging awards for Mums and Dads in the UK. The MAD Blog Awards celebrate the… Continue reading

Why bother blogging?

Recently I have taken a few weeks out of blogging (it doesn’t help that half my computer keys do not work thanks to sticking fingers!). But having time away from the blogging world… Continue reading

Could You Go Without It For A Whole Day?

I recently had to get my iPhone swapped over as the lock button had stopped working and the battery was poor. I took it to my closest Apple store which was in Bristol,… Continue reading

You Are a Miracle Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the ‘You are a miracle blogger’ award. Wow! Thank you! The lovely mummy flying solo nominated me, she has an awesome blog and you should definitely check it… Continue reading