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I wanted to share with you my exciting new beginning – I was suppose to be linking up with The Prompt for this one but somehow time got the better of me. I have recently joined up with Juice PLUS+ the complete guide to give you a healthy body. Juice PLUS+ is a program to get you more healthy, aid weight loss and build muscle. There are different plans available to support your specific desires. Juice PLUS+ complete provides you with a powder to create exciting shakes with. However there are also Juice PLUS+ capsules to promote healthy hair, skin, immune system, and circulation to name a few. Alongside your shakes, with our plan you also can have snacks and a main meal. Recipe and shake ideas are given to you when you join with a representative like myself. I would also provide you with a complete plan, add you to secret support groups where people share their successes and recipes, and support you fully along your journey. The products are ALL NATURAL and suitable for the whole family. I also have information on how Juice PLUS+ works for children if this interests you. It gives your whole body a boost, whatever your age. “We want the best fuel for our bodies and fruits and vegetables are recommended choices. But when papaya, kale, or elderberries don’t make it onto the plate, the next best thing to fruits and vegetables is Juice Plus+. Juice Plus+ clinical research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that Juice Plus helps support heart health, a healthier immune system, and more.” Click here to view the research and find out more about how Juice PLUS+ could help make even your gums and skin healthier.

Juice PLUS+ is a nutritional product containing extracts from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. It gives you that boost when sometimes we maybe don’t all eat as well as we should with the demands of life. By getting all these extra vitamins and antioxidents, you reduce your risk of disease and improve your overall health. Following the Juice PLUS+ program I can provide you with, you better your diet and therefor better yourself.


I have personally used Juice PLUS+ to help me loose my baby weight. Anybody that has read my posts on my weight loss journey will know how hard I found it to shift the pounds. In one month on Juice PLUS+ I lost three-quarters of a stone, even over the Christmas period. I am hoping to reach the one stone mark very soon – with the help of my plan and support groups. Also I now 100% have more energy than I did before I started this program – this is being reflected in the amount of activities I am now doing with Molly and I am loving that such a simple change can have such a positive effect on my relationship with her. But Juice PLUS+ is not just solely used for weight loss, it is also used as a healthy replacement to Whey protein when looking to build muscle. There has been much research into how these compare and even Michelle Nazaroff – World natural body building figure champion – uses the products.

If you fancy becoming more healthy, loosing some weight, gaining muscle or having shinier hair, stronger nails and clearer skin, then message me at: fgjuiceplus@hotmail.com to join me on an exciting beginning. You can find the link to my Juice PLUS+ webpage here: Juice PLUS+. Don’t forget that if you order through me I can provide you with a complete plan and unlimited support – keeping you motivated to become an even better you.

 Thinking its too good to be true? Here are some of my recent meals (yes that is pancakes!), my days are full of lots of yummy, family-friendly foods:



Still not sure?! You don’t have to take my word for it – these lovely customers have let me share their successes:

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And with our AMAZING capsules, you can have healthier hair and skin (even reducing stretch marks!!). Many customers have used these to help with their psoriases and bad skin, and for those who struggle with hair growth.

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Please feel free to message me if you would like any more information on how Juice PLUS+ could help you and to sign up today!… Think of the changes 🙂